Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Poll Needed: MD Drivers are the Worst

Last week the Washington Post decided to have a little fun and installed a poll on their website's new "Friday Follies" column. The question was simple: "Which region has the worst drivers?"

I immediately thought of an experience I wrote about more than a year ago! It was the second post ever on this blog. Its all anecdotal, but face it, Maryland drivers are the worst. They are most often those who take up the entire crosswalk at a light, speed through Mount Pleasant streets, intimidate pedestrians on 16th Street and generally disregard common courtesy, if not the law.

Sorry to pile on MD driver, but I have to say the poll sort of validates all the worst things I had been thinking. Don't take it personal, just resolve to drive better.

If you want to weigh in, here you go. The poll is still open on

  • The District
  • Maryland
  • Virginia