Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Portland! A Lesson in Photos

Visited Portland, OR last week. Besides the fact that no one knocked me own the Metro escalators, everyone smiled when I looked in their general direction, no one really talked politics, and only the animals seemed to possess any sense of entitlement; I felt rather comfortable. One could say that I didn't want to come back. Well, no, I love DC to much to leave for too long.

However, here's my wish list of things Portland has, but DC needs to get a move on acquiring. In photos.

1) Functioning Street Cars: free in the downtown core
2) Light Rail to the Airport: not impossible after all
3) Real Coffee: all over the place
4) On Street Bike Parking: also, covered bike parking at some corners
5) Vintage Clothes, Used Prices: original concept
6) Tram to Work!: yes, people use this as transit
7) Green+Affordable Housing: $1090 for 2BR with W/D
8) Vegan Doughnuts!