Thursday, October 30, 2008

DC, Vote II: Don't Wear Your Buttons and Other Rules

With less than a week to go until the 2008 Presidential election, I'm left wanting this thing to be over already. Too many ads, accusations, whining, boasting, muckraking and deceit. That's the fun part right? I'm kind of done with the American electorate, too. The internet and camcorders have made it that much easier to self publish both brilliantly inventive and utterly useless material. Spoken like a true blogger I guess. If you haven't decided on President yet, 1.) I don't believe you, and 2.) good luck, you're only days away from having to make a decision

That being said, here are some important notes regarding the election in DC. We all have quite a bit to vote on besides the office of President.

Regarding the Presidential vote, there are officially four parties with an eligible Presidential candidate in DC; Democrat (Obama), Republican (McCain), Statehood Green (C. McKinney), and Independent (R. Nader). Neither the Constitution, Reform or Libertarian parties made it on the ballot this time. Also on the citywide ballot are Delegate to the House of Representatives (interesting article on quest for a true representation came out yesterday), at-large city council member, U.S. Senator (shadow), U.S. Representative (shadow), and at-large state board of education member. The Ward One specific ballot also includes elections for Ward One member of the state board of education and the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

Other important notes on voting:

* The polls open on November 4 at 7:00AM and close at 8:00PM the same day.
* If you are in line when the polls close, you will get to vote.
* Be safe and take an ID. Its generally not required, but better safe than not.
* No electioneering at the polls! This means no candidate t-shirts, hats, buttons or signs can be on your person when you vote. You will be asked to cover up or remove the offending article.
* Feel free to bring a sample ballot or written notes into the voting booth; its allowed.
* Feel free to bring a friend or helper into the booth; also allowed.
* You can vote touch screen (electronic) or on a paper ballot, your choice.
* You can write in candidates, but make sure they are eligible for the office!
* No need to vote on every contest on the ballot, there is no obligation.