Thursday, December 4, 2008

To the New President: 42 Bus is Key to the City

I mentioned this a few months ago, but since the matter is now settled for all intents and purposes, I thought it warranted a repost. Are you listening (reading) President-elect?

We all know that DC and the rest of real and yes, even fake America, chose Barack Obama for leader as the free world. What you don't know is that the real prize is not the Presidency itself. The real prize is being able to live right in downtown, cosmopolitan Washington, DC on a prime piece of real estate, right on the 42 bus line!

Hey Prez-elect, need to buy those drapes you were apparently always measuring for? Take the 42 to Penn Quarter and Bed Bath & Beyond. Need a quick bite and got tired of your personal White House Chef? Take the 42 up to Mount Pleasant and grab a pupusa. Want to get a hair cut? Why not hop off at one of the many independent barber shops in Mount Pleasant and all over DC. Secretly hate that Starbucks crap they serve in the West Wing? Let me show you this place called Tryst. Yes, it is also on the 42. Heard about Secret Safeway? The 42 won't take you to the front door, but it will take you pretty close! We won't even mention the Soviet Safeway. Want to impress Brazilian, Ethiopian, Indian, Ghanaian, French, and Italian diplomats? Send them on the 42 to Dupont or Adams Morgan and suggest a place they can get some familiar food. Impressive, we know.

Look President-elect, don't ignore this great city around you for the 4-8 years that you'll be in town. I ride by your future house almost every time I get on the 42. Yea, we know you are going to be busy answering 3AM phone calls and Google-vetting the rest of your cabinet appointments, but don't forget about us, your neighbors. Maybe throw us a bone or two regarding that whole taxation without representation mess, too. If you get us a seat in the House, the first coffee at Tryst is on me...