Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reform Schools, Get Served Until 5 AM and More Inauguration News

***"Teachers hate her. Principals are scared of her." Those are the first two sentences of an abstract for this extensive article about our very own Michelle Rhee, DCPS Chancellor. She graces the cover of the current Time Magazine after recently getting national attention by way of CNN and even the Presidential debates. I've said it before, but I support all the chancellor is doing, although I know there are some hurt feelings among teachers and others who may have been relieved of their duties. If the system ends up the better for her efforts, then obviously the payoff is worth the stretch.

***First reviews are coming in for the newly opened Capitol Visitor Center. The Washington Post offers harsh criticism, on both architectural and symbolic grounds. I tend to agree. The New York Times offers a slightly friendlier review, but pans the effort as falling short in the end. Surprise, a federal government project that came in over budget, years late and still didn't fulfill its aims. Wait, not a surprise.

***Some DC hotels may opt for a quick and dirty face lift. They want to impress the inaugural crowds, who, coincidentally, are paying through the nose for accommodations.

Also, on the inauguration front, have you heard this? Our very own Jim Graham (Ward One council member) introduced a measure to allow DC bars and restaurants to remain open for 24 hours a day from January 17-21, 2009. Also, they'd be allowed to serve alcohol until 5:00 AM, a three hour extension of the usual 2:00 AM weeknight restriction. Thoughts? I can't say I'm against it, but am sure that local opposition will surface.

UPDATED: The emergency legislation passed by a vote of 12-1. Phil Mendelson accounted for the only "against" vote.