Tuesday, January 13, 2009

200+ Bars to Extend Hours, None in Mt Pleasant

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Capital Spice (huuuuuuuge props), its easy to see that no Mount Pleasant bars or restaurants will be taking advantage of extended inauguration hours. I'm not sure there was an expectation or even desire to have any bars on Mt Pleasant Street open that late anyway. Not to mention voluntary agreements.

However, there are quite a few on the 42 bus line. Here are some of the notable places on the 42 which are allowed to serve until 4:00am and remain open 24 hours/day January 18-21:

Perry's, Rhumba Cafe, Cashion's, and Jyoti in Adams Morgan. I'll eat at Jyoti any time of day or night. May have to pay them an after midnight visit next week.

In Dupont, there are heaps of places, but the hot spots will probably include Hilton Hotel, Bistro du Coin, Gazuza, La Tomate, Kramerbooks (no surprise there), Front Page, and Eighteenth Street Lounge.

Downtown and PQ have so many I won't list them all, but if you're inclined to party into the late night on 7th Street over the inauguration weekend try RFD, Clyde's, Rocket Bar, Indeblue or Fadó.