Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out: Nolan's; In: Town Tavern and It's Loooooong List of Rules

At 2323 18th St NW in Adams Morgan. I never stepped foot into Nolan's. And probably won't ever visit Town Tavern. There are no less than 15 "No's" on the list of rules for admittance. A guy under 23? Sorry. Can't get in. A guy without a collar shirt. Nope. Wearing a hat? No. Jersey? Nah. Only one form of ID? Stay away. Guys night out? No admittance. Groups of guys must be "accompanied."

Anyway, that's according to the written rules (PDF). Who knows if they'll be enforced. This place is a New York City transplant, so perhaps the DC rules will differ once they open. That's this Saturday night January 17. Appropriate attire required; unless you are the scantily clad model on their awesome website. Don't worry, you're probably spared, its guest-list only. A little before and after in photos.