Monday, February 2, 2009

More on Cafe Green

The new restaurant from the owners of Java Green will be called Cafe Green. Workers are busy preparing the space at 1513 17th Street NW as we speak. Much heavy equipment has been installed and interior design is coming together. The organic wine and beer lists are being determined.

So, Cafe Green is looking more like a reality than just a plan. Owners are hoping for an opening before March 1, but have to be flexible, naturally. This is DC! The restaurant will likely be two floors, with one floor as more of a lounge and the other with sit down seating. Contrary to what I reported before, Cafe Green may be more of a light fare restaurant, akin to Java Green. Perhaps both concepts in the same space? I don't know. I feel like the light fare, no table service model could work well for that location with so much foot traffic and quick customer turnover. On the other hand, alcohol sales almost certainly will result in table service, although its not specifically required in DC. As long as the food is great, which is pretty much guaranteed, I'll be there!