Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looks Like Bikini-Clad Bar Won't Open in Adams Morgan

Remember Splash? The daiquiri bar promising hot, scantily clad wait staff? It was supposed to open in Adams Morgan in the fall of 2007. The space used to be the home of Santa Rosa restaurant which had closed earlier in that year. The address is 2224 18th Street NW, next to Awash Restaurant.

Splash still has a website up, and you can pretty much determine the direction they'd have gone if all went as planned. The Washington Business Journal article notes that Splash owners sought "to lure the 'sexiest' female bartenders. Women must submit a head shot, two full-body photos and a resume to the company." Quality service was obviously the first priority. Along with food. Funnel cakes and chicken wings encompassed the extreme of culinary experimentation for this place.

Anyway, it certainly appears that a restaurant will be opening in that space, but it won't be Splash. The moniker says Sawah Diner. I really have no idea of the cuisine, motif or price points. Feel free to enlighten me as to what Sawah Diner might entail. My best guess is Indonesian, other Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern. Can't say I regret not having the likes of Splash around. If he owners are determined, they will find a suitable location. More info on Sawah when it become available.