Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caps Fans Should Stay Classy

In a really odd turn of events, the New York Rangers have requested that Capitals fans be nicer when the Rangers are playing at the Verizon Center. Actually, the general manager of the team asked the National Hockey League to discipline the team. The last game played at "the Phonebooth" in Penn Quarter resulted in some nasty words exchanged between Capitals fans in the lower rows and the coach of the Rangers, John Tortorella . Tortella claimed that the Cap fans were lobbing homophobic remarks at his players. He retaliated by throwing a water bottle over the plexiglass separating the fans from the bench.

Come on now Caps fans. Being an arena doesn't give you the right to let loose with whatever "insults" you can think of. And homophobia is hardly the best way to show support your team. I love sports, but sometimes I hate sports fan. Football fan is typically the most perverse, but after hearing about the Capitals fan, I'm a little bummed about our behavior. Grow up a little, remember that there are always kids around, and if you can't think of anything but a hateful slur to put out there, stuff your face with another pretzel and enjoy the action on the ice.