Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Visions Really is Dead; Will it Become Office Space?

Visions Bar Noir was located at 1927 Florida Ave NW. The Dupont theater featured indie and art flicks and was one of my favorite places in DC. It closed nearly five years ago. And it looks as if the space won't be showing films anytime soon, either.

There is major work going on inside and AED has its logos all over the front doors. The Academy for Educational Development is an international education non profit. AED rents space in a large building at 1825 Connecticut Ave NW; a building that backs up to the old Visions. Looks like Visions will be come axillary office space.

Sad end to a formerly dynamic building. Visions served alcohol and light fare with popular outdoor seating and midnight movies. The spring weather reminds me of great happy hours we had there during its heyday. Good while it lasted.