Monday, May 11, 2009

Keeping Tabs: Totally Thai Edition

Lee Loo Lounge, we hardy knew thee: The mysterious Lee Loo Lounge closed without much fanfare a few months ago. The lounge and restaurant never saw me step foot in, but I always guessed it was busy with a small dedicated clientele; or maybe not. It's being replaced with Absolute Thai. No opening dates or menus were available, but there are enough Thai establishments in DC, so you can probably make an educated guess. This location (521 G St NW) isn't even a whole block from two other Thai restaurants, Kanlaya and Thai Chili.

W Hotel is still on: The venerable, best-view-of-the-White House Hotel Washington will soon become the W Hotel Washington. W is a rather sleek and chic hotel brand that could bring some cache to the historic property which is literally across the street from the Treasury and White House. The W website promises a July 16, 2009 opening and provides some draw dropping renderings of guest rooms and a new rooftop terrace; one of the main draws of the previous Hotel Washington because of the view. The W's address is 515 15th Street NW, a stone's throw from the 42 bus route.

Food/No Food/Eating/No Eating: One of the big stories last week was the revelation that Metro may consider allowing vendors to set up shop outside of Metro stations. They would be able to sell a variety of items including food and drink. The rub is the no eating or drinking policy on Metro, which would presumably still be in affect even of the kiosks were allowed. My initial reaction is, OK, let's do it. A new revenue stream for Metro and we can still keep a relatively clean subway system. The kiosks won't be inside the stations, so I don't see how this is any different from going to 7-11, buying a coffee and getting on the train. You just aren't supposed to consume it on the train. Issue over, right? Hardly. We'll keep an eye an see how this one plays out...

Buy stuff, feel better, vice versa: Washington area citizens are apparently feeling better about spending money. While the rest of the nations is still slumming through a mandatory anti consumerism stint, we are spending money in the face of this economic turn down. Well, actually we're feeling more optimistic about spending money and the economy in general. Optimism generally doesn't pay the bills for business owners, but I guess this is good news for the near future in business-land. Retail therapy, a remedy for all your ailments.