Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bicycle Transit Center Coming Along

The Union Station Bicycle Transit Center is slowly taking shape. The District's attempt at making the multi-modal transit center of union Station even better is about to take a giant leap forward. The Center will be able to securely house 180 bikes, parked inside. Outside there will be room for 30 additional parked and secured bikes.

The structure will encompass 1700+ square feet including some retail. The retail portion will include administrative space, bike rental and even bike repair. During business hours attendants will control access to the building. After hours, bike owners will have access to the inside space, and their bikes, by way of access card. Pretty neat! There will be some type of membership system. Initial rates were supposed to be something like $100 per year, or $1 per day to park. Cheap considering the convenience of knowing your bike is safely parked. I'm betting a SmartBike DC location won;t be far off, or part of the Center proper. Go DDOT! Keep it coming.