Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Scene In" Features Dupont Fashion

The Washington Post has started a new, online-only video series it calls "Scene In." It documents one thing and one thing only: what the residents of any particular DC locale are wearing. The first episode, if you can call it that, was filmed in Dupont Circle. I thought it captured the styles that could be seen on any given visit to the Circle.

I always think of DC as a little stodgy, compared to say, my hometown of Richmond. However, there are so many more people living in DC, finding variety isn't really that hard. That's variety of the creatively good and interestingly bad types. You can even check to see where the subjects purchased thier wares, if you are so inclined. Cool feature.

Nice series so far. Capitol Hill is the other neighborhood featured at this point. Not sure if its a weekly feature, or if there is even a schedule. The accompanying photo is a screen capture form the Dupont video.