Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thaiphoon Makes for Good Real World Watching

Look, I swear this was an accident. I was (literally) running an errand in Dupont when I got hungry. I've been on a Thai kick lately (see Absolute Thai post), so I ducked into Thaiphoon for an affordable, delicious dinner.

Oh, wow, hmm. I didn't even realize that it was right across the street from the Real World house. Jeez, what a coincidence. Oh, you want to seat me in direct line of sight of the house? If you must, go right ahead.

Haha, I have to admit, I've wanted to see some filming in action, but don't want to hang outside the house, stalk the residents, or otherwise appear to care. But, I do. Low and behold, about half way through the meal, the camera crew came out, did some stock roll of the house in the setting sunlight (pretty) and set up for another shoot. A few minutes later the cast came out, did a half bro-down on the front porch and went on their way, waking down S Street and disappearing onto Connecticut Ave NW. Pretty routine stuff, but now I can say I saw the cast of the Real World. Check.

So, if you want to be a Real World geek, but don't want anyone to know, just pretend to want to eat a meal at Thaiphoon and sit at the very front of the restaurant. I'm sure they will be happy to accommodate you. Veggie spring rolls are killer too.

Thaiphoon and the Real World house are located on S Street NW between 20th St and Connecticut Ave. Literally 50 yards from the nearsest 42 bus stop.