Tuesday, July 14, 2009

File Under: Why Yes, That is Correct

Scene: Yesterday; walking to lunch, hot, on F Street NW.

Me: [walking to lunch, being very hot]

Person 1: [looking at sign that reads "Verizon Center F Street Entrance"] Hey, is this the Verizon Center?

Person 2: [appears to be Person 1's daughter; also looking at sign that reads "Verizon Center F Street Entrance"] Yeah, this is it.

Person 1: [now looking at me] This can't be it? The Verizon Center?

Me: Yes, this is the Verizon Center.

Person 1: Oh.

First I thought they were tourists, but since the Jonas Brothers were playing last night, they must have been from the DC area, maybe picking up tickets. Anyway, pretty fun exchange. I usually don't share little funny incidents like this, but this was one of the better recent ones. Sorry if you clicked on the Jonas Brother link. Yeah, sorry 'bout that