Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keeping Tabs: Target is Cool. Coffee is Hot. School Rulz. Metro Droolz.

***The Washington Post comments on the big box explosion in Columbia Heights and the "hip" kids who shop there. I don't actually believe that people have been moving to CH for any kind of street cred or "bragging rights" as the article puts it. Seems like a win/win/win for the most part. Residents get their amenities (like blue ray dvds and micheal graves microwaves), the city gets tax $$$ and developers chalk up another completed project. General street scape aesthetics took a hit, but hey, who cares about architectural diversity in a down economy. Beats empty, concrete strewn lots. This just in: shopping at Target doesn't make you cool or uncool. Shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond however...

***On a related note; the word "hipster" is meaningless. It means NOTHING. It's not definable. I refuse to use that word. Some people use it as a slur, other people think they are it. Some people use it as an adjective. No, no, no. Just stop Washington Post. Just stop everyone. Please. Not cool.

***Stop leaning on the Metro train doors. One opened during travel yesterday. Not cool.

***Chinatown Coffee Company is open. In this aforementioned down economy, I'm still spending indefensible amounts of money on soy lattes. But if you've had one at this place, you'd understand. They'll get a Coffee/Riot entry at some point. For now, you should just visit on your own. They're open every day of the week. Come today before work and I'll buy you a drink. Pretty cool.

***Taxi drivers in the District just got a small ruling in their favor. The DC Council voted to get rid of the maximum fare within the District. It was set at $19 for any one ride within the city. Now, the rider will pay the entire metered fare. Hard to imagine a normal fare reaching $19 from point A to point B within DC, but for those of you to whom this applies, sorry. Let the meter decide the fare. Cool.

***The University of the District of Columbia is about debut a new master plan which its leaders hope will improve the prestige of the school and success rate of its students. The school is officially breaking up into two separate entities; an upgraded, more rigorous four program and a new two year community college element. The four year school will still be based in Van Ness, but the community college will have satellite campuses all over the District; very much like a state system. I really want UDC to succeed and serve its students well. That means treating them like college level academics so their degrees actually has value. Good moves. Very cool.