Monday, August 3, 2009

Fiesta DC Moving to Columbia Heights

The best photos taken for this blog belong to the festivals. Adams Morgan Day, Crafty Bastards and Fiesta DC are always a photographers friend. Last year's Fiesta DC was golden. Hot as hell and sweaty, but golden all the same. Food, fun for kids, music, dancing and fooooood. The main event consisted of a parade of nations traveling south from Lamont Street to Irving Street along Mount Pleasant Street NW. See photos of the 2008 Fiesta DC here. And while you're at it, 2007 photos here. The festival also doubles as an acknowledgment of Hispanic Heritage Month; September 15-October 15.

Well, this year all the food, all the fun, the set up, clean up, food, music, dancing and foooood will happen in Columbia Heights. The weekend is the same; September 27th. Hours pretty much the same; 11am-7pm. But the location is now 14th Street NW from Spring Road to Columbia Road.

Fiesta DC had probably outgrown Mount Pleasant. 14th Street is much wider and the route will be longer (nearly 10 blocks, instead of about 5 in Mt P). The streets of Mt Pleasant were pleasantly crowded during the festival last year, but Columbia Heights should allow for more vendors and more space for spectators to view the parade and peruse the goods. I'll make the trip over of course. Here's to a festival that's better this year than last! And last year's was pretty great!