Friday, September 4, 2009

Colombia Reaching Out With Hearts

You've probably seen these 8 foot tall hearts all over town. There are 40 placed throughout DC, many along the 42 bus route. The intersection of 18th St and Columbia Rd has two of the hearts. Turns out they are a promotional item for the county of Colombia. Discover Colombia Through Its Heart is a 10 day push coordinated by the country's DC based Embassy to familiarize Americans, at least those of us in DC, with the country. This is an effort to increase tourism and investment from abroad.

Most of the events happen at Union station over the next 10 days until September 15. You can meet the "real" Juan Valdez. Who knew it wasn't marketing after all? You can get free coffee. You can listen to Colombian music at free concerts. You can get some free cut flowers. Did you know that 70% of cut flowers imported into the U.S. come from Colombia? No? Its true. And Colombia is the worlds third largest producer of bananas. That's bananas.

Well, if you haven't seen, below are two of the hearts from downtown. And here's the full schedule of events happening at Union Station and other spots all over the city. I may have to get in on the free coffee. And meeting the real Mr. Valdez.