Monday, September 7, 2009

Don Juan Debuts Outdoor Seating

This was the first time I've seen Don Juan Restaurant offer outdoor seating. The restaurant is located across from Lamont Part at 1660 Lamont St NW. They had sidewalk seating (about 20 chairs) on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure if this a weekend thing, or it will happen every night they're open. Time will tell. I totally support more outdoor/sidewalk seating in this neighborhood. The problem is that most of the restaurants are on Mount Pleasant Street and the sidewalks aren't really that wide. But Lamont Street sidewalk is particularly wide in front of Don Juan so I say go bananas.

Yesterday there was a mini-festival which was not on my calender for some reason. The Latino Association of Mount Pleasant had speakers, music and some food across the street from Don Juan. I stuck around as long as I could and heard some danceable music, a few speeches and a long line for the one operating grill. If you have other details of the event, please elaborate.

Enjoy Labor Day.