Monday, September 28, 2009

Fiesta DC 2009

Add me to the voices that wouldn't mind seeing Fiesta DC actually move to Columbia Heights next year. I love the fest. I love the music. I love the food (although, there was little vegan food). I guess I love that everyone else loves the food. I love the dancing. I love the parade. I love the attention that Mount Pleasant gets. Our businesses get a little boost. And I love that everyone who comes to Fiesta DC really enjoys seeing traditional singing, dancing, eats and gets the chance to buy all manner of products emblazoned with the country flag of their choice.

But the size of this Fiesta may have outgrown the venue. When 14th Street reconstruction is complete and the paperwork is in order, there should be a real effort to move this event to a proper place. Mount Pleasant may be symbolically the best place to run the festival, but 14th Street is a great alternative that should get heavy reconsideration. Give the dancers and performers the space they deserve. Give the thousands attempting to see the parade an actual chance to see it. Yesterday's crowd was massive and I gave up on the chance to see the entire parade. This party screamed for more space. Even the rain didn't thin the crowds. I want to go again next year. Hopefully it will be a bigger and better party on 14th Street; ten blocks long and a whole 14th Street wide. Accessible by Metro and on the way to becoming the best produced and possibly largest festival in DC.