Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video: Dupont Boombox Experiment

Last week's neat and arty music experiment was an apparent success. The fellows from Bluebrain put on an audience participation project in which anyone who wished brought a boombox to Dupont Circle. Each participant got one track of a 30 track original composition. Playing in sync, the group wound its way around Dupont, boomboxes on shoulders.

Well, here is the video to prove it. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to Ryan for the video. This is great. Sadly, I was not there. Of course one of the coolest events of the year and I have a rather pressing previous engagement. C'est la vie. Next time.

Oh, if you want to check out the brains behind Bluebrain, they are performing at an all ages free event in Maryland this weekend. Friday actually. See here for details.

Bluebrain's Cakeblood : Boombox Event in Dupont Cirlce from Ryan Holladay on Vimeo.