Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maoz Veg Looks Close, For Real This Time

Wayyyy back in January of this year I was drooling over the prospect of a Maoz Veg falafel restaurant opening up shop in Dupont. I was all ready to take a long lunch to be there when this place opened and stuff my face. But didn't happen. And it isn't open. The storefront sat for months with the coming soon signs teasing me each time I walked by. The address is the basement level of 1817 M Street NW.

There has been a little progress. The permanent signage is up above windows. The window coverings are gone. And Washington Biz Journal is reporting that opening may happen soon. Now in DC, I never trust a reported opening date. But just for fun, I'll pass along that the reported date is November 1. As in next week. I'll take before the year end, but if it's next week, I will be there, too.

Just to recap, Maoz Vegetarian is a European falafel restaurant. We'd be home to either the 7th or 8th U.S. store, depending on opening date. Falafel is what they serve; plus fries, drinks and salad. Here's the menu (PDF). Essentially, all the falafel shops in DC are copies of this place. Without Maoz, there's no falafel shop culture in DC. The OG of falafel shops if you will. Hopefully this place will come through with the quality and top all the others, which have proliferated here over the years.