Monday, October 26, 2009

Midnight Movies at E Street

The mostly art-house theater E Street Cinema is once again offering a midnight movie series. The first film in this series was Shuan of the Dead, which showed last weekend. So, if you missed that... well, it's available on DVD, pretty much anywhere where DVDs are sold. The rest of the series continues this weekend. E Street Cinema is on the corner of 11th and E NW, a block form the 42 bus. Here's the line up.

October 30 & 31 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Perhaps THE cult movie of all cult movies. This is a film adaptation of a British stage show from the early 1970s. American performances usually include audience participation. These showings at E Street will feature a live cast who'll perform scenes during the movie.

November 6 & 7 Jaws
Freaking terrifying movie about a giant shark that scarred me as a young child. Way more engaging that "Saw" crap which is supposed to represent the horror genre nowadays.

November 13 & 14 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2nd screening

November 20 & 21 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ultimate 80s, living in excess, no-consequences, high school movie. John Hughes' Ferris is living the dream with a pretty sweet life when he decides to skip a day of school during which his life only gets better. Cubs games, sneaking into parades, driving Ferraris, Abe Froman; you name it, he somehow gets it done all in a day. Classic flick.

November 27 & 28 The Room
I've never seen or heard of this movie, but it's apparently a cult classic for all the wrong reasons. This recently made (2003) movie suffers from the "so bad it's good" affliction. Bad acting, plot holes and spotty dialogue have made this a mini-Rocky Horror regarding audience participation and attendance. Ha, I like bad movies like this. Might have to sit in on this one.

December 4 & 5 Labyrinth
An 80s movie that probably wasn't meant to affect me as much as it did. The puppet imagery in this movie reminds us all that all puppets are evil. No exceptions. Evil. At least evil looking. David Bowie signed on for this, so you know it has to be pretty weird right off the bat. Jim Henson + David Bowie + George Lucas = use your imagination = this movie.

December 4 & 5 The Room
2nd screening