Monday, October 19, 2009

Reality, Bites

The Real World is gone. What?! Whoops. I hardly noticed. DCist pretty much summed up my fascination with the Real World DC: fairly intrigued before the arrival, didn't notice it much after. I tried to stay up on their whereabouts and get into the excitement, but alas, we are in a 24 hour, minute to minute news cycle here. And excitement for any show 20 seasons in would be hard to sustain. How could they compete with the likes of non balloon boy? I'll have to wait until the show airs to see the high and low lights of what happened. Good while it lasted?

If you think you missed out on the reality show buzz, there's still another chance. The cooking reality show Top Chef is scouting DC in early November. Head down to the Occidental --15th and Penn Ave-- on November 4 with this completed 24 page application (PDF). Yes, 24 pages. Oh yeah, and accompanying video tape. Make it good though, because I bet they save the funny ones as "extras" content on the DVD.

Want to be your own reality show? Start a small business in DC. We've been ranked among the top metro areas in the United States to launch a small business. The 127,000+ small businesses we are home to is 4 times the average for the top cities on the list. The article touts the prestige of being in the District proper as an asset and the potential commute for suburban dwellers to a city work location as a negative. Sounds about right. Featured is David Von Storch, owner of various small business all over DC: Capitol City Brewery, Vida Fitness, Bang Salons. Seems to be quite an example of all the good possible for a DC small business owner. Go DC, go. Another plus four our fair city.