Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help! I Need a New New Year's Gig

Dear You,

Help! Save your generation! Or at least save me.... What should I do for New Year's?

I've been obsessed about it lately. I want to do something big this year. Last two years I've spent the critical hour at house parties in Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant. Here's a song summing up what happened at the last one--

--Ok, moving on....

Before that a show at Wonderland. And here's a photo snapshot of that night.

Year before that, a dance party on H Street NE --yes, pause for photo--

And before that, spent over a campfire in McLean (don't ask). Prior to that, I don't remember. So, I've stayed über local, but low key and not crazy. I believe I was in bed at pretty much normal partying hour each time. And nary a hangover.

Don't get me wrong, I love staying close to home and doing it small time. It's cheaper, and I generally want to remember what I did and savior the memories outside of un-facebookable party photos. And I am a little accident prone.

I've never traveled outside of my home city to celebrate New Year's. Never. But something about this year makes me want to break out of the routine and do something different. If I do stay in DC, which for different reasons is looking more and more likely, I need to decide what to do. Staying home with a glass of wine and the TV is probably the only option I'm ruling out.

What are the epic yearly parties? Any clubs or bars actually throw a great party? (I've heard Peaches O'Dell at the Black Cat is worth it) And ANY chance there is something cool happening right here in good ole' Mount Pleasant? Hmmm, I guess I could make something happen here... but I digress. Back to other O.P.P. (other people's parties).

So... keep on the look out. And pass the good ones my way please. I have a feeling it'll be a last minute decision, but I want to have all the options, good and bad, at my feet.

Thx a million in advance,


ps, i tell you this because as an artist, i think you'll understand