Monday, November 9, 2009

7-11's Private Label and Return of the Black Rooster

***The Black Rooster has a following as strong as any small time pub I can think of. The well known and well worn locally owned bar on L Street closed recently when the owner of the building decided not to renew the lease agreement. But all you BR fans should keep you heads up. The bar is being saved. The Current Papers have the full scoop, but essentially DC council member Jack Evens intervened and worked some personal magic. He's partnering with the federal government, who operates the building, to keep the BR in its place. The Black Rooster website acknowledges as much and should be open again soon. Pretty cool.

***7-11 now has it's own private label wine. Virginians and Marylanders have been able to buy semi-no-name cheap alcohol from 7-11 for years. Now they can buy semi-named cheap alcohol from the 24 hour convenience store; under their new Yosemite Road label. The 7-11 store in Mount Pleasant and other DC stores don't sell alcohol and likely won't anytime soon. H/T to WBJ.