Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clyde's on the Walk Now a Sports Bar

This is not speculation, it's happening now! Clyde's on the Walk will become Penn Quarter's newest sports bar.

According to WBJ, the newly reconfigured space will be called Alley Bar and will open this Friday. Like the rest of the restaurant, it will feature paintings that hearken back to the glory days of sports, but in this case specifically related to the Washington DC area.

Clyde's on the Walk was a lunch spot in the Gallery Place arcade (near Smoothie King, Sushi-Go-Round, Häagen-Dazs). It was attached to the main Clyde's restaurant, but operated separately. I ate there every now and then, mostly during good weather months when they had tables outside. The only vegan options were salads (good enough) and they survived by selling heaps of crabcake and various deli sandwiches. They closed in late summer and it was pretty apparent that they'd absorb that space into the rest of the restaurant. Now we know how and why.

Image from Flickr user outlan2000.