Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten Stories of the Year: 3

Top Ten stories of the year on The 42.

Number 3: Gay Marriage Bill Passes DC Council, Mayor

I was unsure of where to put this story on the countdown. In some respects, it could be number one, considering the historic implications. On the other hand, since our laws are reviewable by Congress, this law may not actually be a law in a few weeks. In that respect, perhaps this will be a Top Ten story in December of 2010. My best educated guess is that Congress will leave this bill alone and couples will be getting married in DC by summer of next year. And that is a great thing.

We will join five other states by both allowing gay marriage and acknowledging gay marriages. The imagery alone will be fodder for political talks shows: couples from all over the country trekking to DC to get married, fulfilling a possibly life long dream right here on the nation's capital. That's if Congress lets it be.

What Could Keep Gay Marriage Bill From Becoming Law

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