Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten Stories of the Year: 4

Top Ten stories of the year on The 42.

Number 4: Real World Invades DC, Barely Leaves a Scratch.
In an arrival perhaps nearly as hyped as the inauguration crush, MTV's Real World cast moved into Dupont Circle for a few months this year. Summer was the perfect time to set down in DC. With Congress out of session and baseball as the only DC specific entertainment between cherry blossoms and football season, the Real Worlders made news for doing nothing more than being here. The late night hot tub parties weren't made public; and neither were any fights, break-ups, or house meetings. You'll have to watch the series for that. In a poll from a few weeks ago, about 3/4 of you said you'd watch at least one episode.

There were RW blogs; for and against, various sightings of cast members all over town and emerging news about other DC based reality shows like Top Chef and Real Housewives. But after all the hype, well, we were left not much worse for the wear. The show came and went, Dupont was still in tact and DC moved on to more pressing items like hockey standings and snow removal. It was fun while it lasted. Relive it all starting this Thursday December 30. Yeah.

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