Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Yoga at Adams Morgan Studio

For a while anyway. Stroga Yoga is offering free yoga as of yesterday at its new studio in Adams Morgan. The classes are first come-first served and happen two times a day each day until the 28th of February. The new studio just opened it's doors yesterday and is another addition to the previously noted crowded yoga scene is Ward One and really, DC in general.

Stroga is taking a unique programmatic angle, combining strength conditioning and traditional yoga for a more nuanced workout experience. Or so says the website. They are located in one of my favorite/weird buildings in the city, 1808 Adams Mill Road NW, just north of Columbia. That building sat empty and in disrepair for years until it was recently renovated and started renting out spaces to businesses Wachovia Bank, Fed Ex Kinkos and now Stoga. Beautiful old building and I'm glad to see it's spaces activated again.

If you're really into taking advantage of the free classes and want more details, I'd stop by or give them a jingle, but the advertised free classes are at 6:00am and 6:00pm on weekdays and 10:00am and 3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.