Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Real World Restaurant?

This show is the gift that keeps on giving. I haven't watched an episode of the Real World DC since the first one, but its not that I don't like the show. My TV gets about 400 channels from the cable and I literally can't find MTV. Or don't want to. Unsure.

Anyway, the house that was home to the made for TV roommates may soon be home to DC's newest restaurant. Washington Business Journal is reporting that the owners have recently begun marketing the 2,700 sq ft space to restaurants. The address is 2000 S Street NW, in the Dupont neighborhood.

Obvious benefits: close to Connecticut Ave and Dupont Metro station, on the 42 bus line, across the street from popular restaurant Thaiphoon, the space has an (albeit brief) celebrity history. Drawbacks: no one who matters cares that the Real World was filmed there, not actually facing Connecticut Ave, previous tenants were MTV, then an architectural firm--both commercial, but non restaurants.

The right gig could make it there. A destination restaurant or an old standby with a built-in customer base. Random bistro or steakhouse probably wouldn't do well since there are several types of those places in Dupont already. Or they could go the opposite direction and shoot for a neighborhood type place; smallish, affordable prices, kinda dirty, quality bartenders, snapshots of patrons lining the walls and a cash only policy. Not likely in that space, but a guy can hope. Ten dollars says they give in and rent it out as an office within a year.