Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love or Hate Lauriol Plaza?

For a restaurant that basically has only one item I can eat, almost always has a wait for a table, is predictable in nearly every way and draws the consternation of many friends, I really love Lauriol Plaza. I mean, this place has never let me down for a meal. Perfect "parents" place, birthday place, new job celebration place and first (or 100th) date place. Ladies, I know you come here for nights out. And families, I see you there, too. Try getting into the front door on a weekend night. The front patio basically turns into a club. A club of drinkers, all waiting for tables. Or not.

Yes, for the most part, the food is predictable. The only dish that I know is vegan is the vegetarian fajitas. Others may be, but that is literally the only dish I ever order. Not counting drinks. The fajitas are amazing. They come sizzling on a platter with rice, beans and mini tortillas. Among the hot, savory vegetables, are two plantains! The soft, fresh plantains make the platter for me.

Drinks, that's another story. I've had it all at Lauriol, but I mostly like the swirl frozen margarita. It is simple and great. I like to stuff the lime down into the drink and find it frozen at the finish line. Actually, I hardly ever get one frozen margarita. Go for the pitcher.

If you frequent Adams Morgan or Dupont, there's no way you haven't passed this place. But if not, it's at 1835 18th Street NW, at T.