Friday, February 19, 2010

Puppet Underground is Back

Way back during the bearable part of winter (last December), the Puppet Underground put on Las Posadas, a progressive performance in a string of homes located right here in Mount Pleasant. The series of plays were a take on the traditional holiday themed celebrations in Mexico.

This time around, the Underground is hosting several performances at a single venue venue: St. Stephen's Church on 16th Street NW. The title of tomorrow's event is The Chilly Day Cabaret. There will be two puppet theater performances and one musical performance by DC's own Yamomanem, a New Orleans style jazz band.

The show descriptions via Puppet underground:

“The Tale of the Hungry Mouths: A Soup Opera” by The Brothers Harrell

A soup opera served warm. A candlelight observance on six stages. Hailing from the rich tradition of southern puppet families, the Bros. Harrell dish up an evening of ultra low-tech neo-contemporary mixed-media performance art. Bring your own bowl ad spoon.

“The Suitcase of Life” by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Papermoon comes to us from the warmer climes of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a group experimenting with puppetry through international and multi-cultural collaborations. "The Suitcase of Life" is an interactive puppet play exploring selling the unsellable.

Yamomanem: New Orleans Jazz Band

Led by New Orleans ex-pat Monty Montgomery (sousaphone; co-founder of the much loved Panorama Jazz Band of New Orleans), Yamomanem interprets the traditional jazz repertoire and Carribean Creole music of the 30s with electric guitar and Latin percussion. Yamomenem was nominated for Best Jazz Band in 2007 by the Washington Area Music Association!

Sounds fun! And I'm pretty sure they are serious about bringing your own bowl and spoon. There is a sliding scale; $5-$10. Virtually nothing considering what you will get in return. St. Stephen's is located at 1525 Newton Street NW, on the corner of 16th and Newton. The show is happening in the auditorium, so use the side door. Chilly Day Cabaret begins at 7:00pm; on tomorrow, February 20th. Good luck Puppet Underground! Glad they're doing it this weekend and not weekend last (or the one before!).