Monday, March 15, 2010

Old City Cafe

If I had to rank the falafels of Adams Morgan, I think it'd go something like this:

1. Old City
2. Amsterdam
3. Astor
4. Shawarma King

Honestly, Amsterdam might be tied, or number 1. I could flip a coin. But since Old City has better french fries, they get the nod. And there is always a seat available at OC. I mean, there are always like, 50 seats available. There are never enough customers there to fill the large dining area.

I like Old City because the staff is nice, the food is delivered fast and the key falafel-fries combo is really just the best. If I were to throw Maoz and Urfa Tomato Kabob in the mix, Old City would still be near the top. Amsterdam, however, gets all the crowds. Better location, and an interesting theme help. Plus, they were the original make-your-own falafel to hit it big in DC. But on any given night, if I had to choose, Old City wins in my book. Old City is located at 1773 Columbia Rd NW.