Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wok and Roll Coming to Adams Morgan

The quirky Chinese and Japanese restaurant Wok and Roll may be coming to Adams Morgan by the end of the year. They've advertised as much on their website for some time and I've inquired about it over the phone and in person. No one would give me any firm details, but the general idea is that Wok and Roll are planning to open at 2400 18th Street NW sometime in 2010.

2400 is at the corner of 18th Street and Belmont Road. The previous tenant was Prince Cafe, which I can't say I ever visited. I believe it was a hookah bar with Mediterranean food. Not sure how long it has been closed.

Wok and Roll, currently located on H Street in Chinatown, would add something new to 18th Street. Besides Saki, North Sea Deli and Peking Garden, the Japanese and Chinese food element is missing from Adams Morgan. Mount Pleasant has two or three places and even Woodley Park has Mr. Chen's Organic. It'd be nice to get a strict sit down restaurant (and not another bar) on the strip even if the food isn't 5-star. Wok and Roll is serviceable, affordable and rolls sushi/maki; all pluses in my book. Very busy at lunch time and popular with the tourists because of their location. Who knows if any of those qualities will make it to the Adams Morgan location. Here's to Wok opening sometime sooner than later!