Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BID Takes Direct Aim at City Parking Meters

Adams Morgan Partnership BID is reaching out to visitors in quite a unique way. One of the primary issues in the bustling neighborhood is parking. Days, nights, weekends, holidays, whenever, parking will always be an issue in Adams Morgan.

So, the Partnership figured it should go directly to parkers. Affixed to parking meters all along Columbia Road are stickers advising drivers not to park on the street and instead park in a private garage on Champlain Street, one block off the main strip. The private garage can be accessed through a curb cut on 18th Street and is a busy lot on the weekends.

The sticker features a stop sign and red lettering which reads "Don't feed this meter!" at the top. The rest of the text goes on to explain why you should park in the private garage and how to get the cheaper hourly rate. You have to get validated from a business and the promotion is only good until 5:00PM daily.

The Partnership BID has also posted fliers about parking on the community board at 18th and Columbia.

Kind of torn on this one. Obviously the BID has the incentive to do whatever it can to alleviate the parking issue and make it easier for potential customers to reach merchants. But to place the stickers directly on the city meters might go too far. The sticker names the owner of the garage twice. So, in this way it is sort of an advertisement. However, in the corner it is made clear that the sticker was "Bought to you by" and shows the Adams Morgan Partnership logo.

Fair or foul?