Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Book Store Will Become a Huge Restaurant

35,000 square feet. Sounds like a lot. Can't really wrap my mind around it. Ever been to the Clyde's restaurant in Chinatown? That place is 23,000 square feet. And seats over 500.

The company that owns Clyde's is opening a new restaurant and entertainment space downtown which will weigh in at 35,000 square feet. Borders Bookstore lives in that space now; at corner of 14th and F Streets NW. The restaurant will consume two floors, with one being below grade.

This new restaurant (possibly named Hamilton Square) will front 14th as one of the first eating establishments visitors see when arriving by car from Virginia via I 395. And on the other side, F St, just one block from the Treasury Building and two from the White House.

I like the live music piece of the puzzle. But... what type of music... I have no idea. Clyde's isn't necessarily my scene, so I'm guessing the music won't be up my alley. But I'm definitely open-minded.

I'm never really on the street in this part of town. The 42 bus runs on H, just two blocks up from this intersection. So when the time comes (late 2011, or 2012), we can all take the bus there for a drink and some music of unknown type. Borders Bookstore fans act fast. Looks like this location will close before summer is over.