Monday, July 19, 2010

Crumbs Bake Shop: Cupcakery Trend Continues

Does three a trend make? Including the cupcake truck, there are will be three eateries in downtown DC where one can go specifically to buy and eat cupcakes. Like the froyo trend I lamented before, cupcakes have seemingly ridden out the novelty phase to become an actual separate foodgroup with dedicated stores that sell nothing but cupcakes. Simple ones, decadent ones, vegan ones, expensive ones, fattening ones, cakey ones, fluffy ones. There are other cupcakeries in DC: Hello, Cake Love, Red Velvet, and of course Georgetown Cupcake; who now have a freaking reality show! Serial.

Add Crumbs Bake Shop to the mix. It'll open soon next door to Pret a Manger, which itself is a new arrival to the corner of 11th and F NW. Crumbs first opened as a single shop in NYC, but is a chain at this point, with nearly 30 locations over four states. Cool fact: the Crumbs cupcake of the month is the Tony Hawk SkateCake. that's pretty radical. Sadly it looks like they won't be making any vegan cupcakes or cakes (their other product). Not sure of the opening, but if you have an idea, post in the comments. The address is 604 11th Street NW. Crumbs will also be opening another store in Union Station.