Friday, July 30, 2010

Will You Buy Produce at Target?

This fall Target at DCUSA will join Giant, Safeway and Harris Teeter as a large national grocer within walking distance of Mount Pleasant.  Of course we also have Bestway/world right here in the neighborhood and Yes! Organic Market in Adams Morgan. Target is betting that it can compete in the grocery sector despite a Giant store literally across the street on Park Road NW and countless smaller markets in and around Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant.  

But will you shop there specifically for groceries?  I split my major grocery buying trips between Whole Foods, Giant, on rare occasion Safeway, and Mount P Farmers Market.  Giant is so close, WF has the specialty and vegan items I want and why buy produce anywhere but the farmers market.  Will Target be a part of the grocery mix?  I doubt it, for me.  I have picked up an orange juice, chips or snacks while on an unrelated trip there, but not sure that I would go there for produce and the whole nine yards.  Curious to see the lay out, though.  I'm guessing they'll build next to the sizable frozen and dry goods sections present now.

And how will the smaller businesses like Bestway/world be affected?  DCUSA is part of the reason (part, not the only reason) for Mount Pleasant Street's continued commercial stagnation.  We have capacity for more businesses and we obviously want to spend money at places like Bestway, Super Save and all of our great eateries, but new development seems to be happening just east of us, around 14th, not on Mt P Street.  The Target grocery expansion will likely continue this trend.