Monday, August 16, 2010

Blockbuster Closing, Crooked Beat Not

Blockbuster video rental store will close its Adams Morgan location.  The sign announcing the closure went up yesterday.  The store --at 1805 Columbia Rd NW-- was also closed for the evening, so I couldn't follow up to ask why or when.  Ten bucks says it's the high rent or a combination of high rent and slowing sales. Netflix effect?  

In 2009 Blockbuster announced that it would close nearly 1,000 stores by the end of this year.  They'll still be in the DVD rental business, however. They are already operating DVD kiosks; similar to the Redbox kiosks scattered around DC.  

Crooked Beat, the stalwart, indie vinyl and CD store is moving.  The "FOR LEASE" sign in the window of the basement space of 2318 1th St NW scared me at first glance, but thankfully they aren't closing.  The business will will be moving to an as yet determined (or at least announced) storefront in Adams Morgan.  There are a handful of empty properties on both 18th Street and Columbia Road.  

Tattoo Paradise recently moved from a basement space to a ground level space in the neighborhood.  Business increased significantly.  Perhaps the same is in store for Crooked Beat.  Good luck guys.