Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DC Shorts Film Festival

Still from Expiration
I had known about the 48 Hour Film Fest, living it vicariously through a friend-filmmaker; but had never heard about the DC Short Film Festival until a few weeks ago. It takes place this September and happens right off of the 42 bus line. The films will be shown at E Street (naturally) as well as the theater at the Navy Memorial. Short means films up to 24 minutes. That's sort of par for the course for me. Short and sweet (or sad, funny, dramatic?) There are a lot of 5 minute films.  And some 1 minute films, too. 

Anyway, there are 97 total. Looks like you can catch all the films if you're a dedicated self scheduler and have some time on your hands. The website provides a one sentence write up for each flick, so it's hard to judge the potential content. But, based on a VERY brief flip through the pages, here are a few I wouldn't mind catching.

Just About Famous (Documentary)
Delve into the minds and hearts of the people who make a living impersonating celebrities.

God of Love (Comedy)
A lounge singer finds his prayers are answered when he receives a mysterious package of love-inducing darts.

Telemafia (Comedy)
What happens when a telemarketer picks the wrong consumer to call?

Katrina's Son (Drama)
After losing his grandmother during Hurricane Katrina, a young boy searches for the mother who abandoned him.

Rita (Drama)
A 10-year old blind girl’s claustrophobic world is suddenly breached by a mysterious presence.

The Muskrat Boy of Griffith Park (Drama)
While taking her picnic lunch, a lonely woman is confronted by a strange and scruffy boy.

A Dream in Hanoi (Drama)
Thanh is alone and sad after his bike is stolen. In a most unexpected way, ballet becomes his inspiration and salvation.

Pretty cool.  Might try to get in a session or two.  The dates are September 9-16.