Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mount Pleasant History Talk Tonight

From a reader:

*   *   *
"Learn the history of Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant and Adams Morgan.

Ever wonder what Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant and Adams Morgan were like ten years ago? Fifty years ago? How the riots of 1968 changed everything? How the Latino community settled and grew in our area? Ever think about how knowing any of this might help you build relationships in your neighborhood? Here’s a unique opportunity to learn about the history of Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, and Adams Morgan!

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Bernard Demczuk, a former community developer and civil rights activist who now lectures on African-American history and culture at George Washington University and serves as the University’s liaison to the city.

Food and childcare will be provided. Wednesday, August 11, 7:15-9:30 p.m. Capitol City Public Charter School. 3047 15th St NW. Event sponsored by Grace DC Meridian Hill. Visit us at"

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Looks like quite an educational start to the evening.  If you have tips for interesting local events drop me a line: Doesn't have to be happening right here in Mount Pleasant, but that's a plus!