Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun Post: Politricks

You Tube and social media have changed political campaigning more than we probably recognize in the present moment.  While traditional TV ads can be expensive and restricted to the candidate's geographical area, the internet throws all those rules out the window.  Production costs have come down with cheaper HD cameras and video editing programs.  Posting on sites like You Tube is practically free.  Now, anyone with an internet connection can see your ads for free, watch over and over again and easily share them with friends and others trough Facebook, blogs and email links.  So, why not get creative?

Obviously I'm not endorsing any of these candidates, but I think these ads are memorable and primarily geared towards the internet with the intent on viral distribution.  Two are local, and Dale Peterson --how could I not.  It's probably the most interesting of the three.  I mean, he's practically threatening you if you consider voting for the other guy.

Bryan Weaver is running for DC's Ward One Council spot.  Pretty neat fast paced ad with lots of neighborhood sites.

Adrian Fenty is running to Mayor of DC.  He did not produce this ad.  And he's not even in it.  But it might be the first political ad to successfully make use of Auto-Tune.

This is Dale Peterson.  He eventually failed in his quest to become Alabama's Agriculture and Industries Commissioner.  However, he definitely won the Most Angst Ridden Alabama Ag Commission Campaign Video Award.  I made that award up and he won it.  He won it.