Monday, August 30, 2010

Restoring Sanity: New Creperie, Circulator News, Rallies

Back to Monday, back to sanity?  Ha, not in this town.  There's always something new!  A bunch of news broke over the weekend and as you can see, I could hardly wait to share it all at once.

***A new creperie quietly opened in Adams Morgan.  Snap already operates a fairly out-of-the-way shop in Georgetown (on Thomas Jefferson St).  I guess they wanted to open a more visible location.  The Adams Morgan space at 2475 18th Street NW used to be CD/Game Exchange.  This is the space between CaliYogurt and Saki.  I stopped by for a coffee, but I remember the Georgetown location as focused on crepes and bubble tea.  Looks to be the same here.  The space is neat looking with orange walls and seating along the sides of the long store.  Crepe making, coffee and the register are in the rear of the store and seating goes all the way to the front windows.  Not sure of they are vegan friendly.  I'll try back when they are in full swing to ask about that stuff.  Cool hang out spot though.


***Everyone's favorite transit option, the Circulator, just added a new route Sunday.  The DDOT-Metro collabo replaced the long running Georgetown Blue Bus.  The new Circulator route will link Dupont Circle and Rosslyn in Arlington, VA with just 8 stops in each direction.  The Dupont pick up is located at 19th and N Streets NW.  Pretty awesome news.  The buses will (allegedly ) run every ten minutes like the rest of the routes.  

This route will run on M Street through Georgetown in each direction.  Stating yesterday, the Georgetown-Union Station Circulator will now take Georgetown bound buses onto K Street NW for the last portion of the trip.  The buses will then offload and begin a new trip towards Union Station by turning north onto Wisconsin Ave and then right onto M Street on the way to Union Station.  this is, if you remember, the original route.

And a change for another existing route as well.  The southbound Woodley Park-McPherson Sq Circulator will depart from 14th St NW at Thomas Circle and continue on 13th Street until reaching McPherson Square.  Seems there is less traffic on 13th and the buses will reach the final destination quicker.  Good move.


***Get ready for a slooooooowwwwwww weekend on the Red Line.  If you don't know, listen up.  Metro will be closing five Red Line Stations the entire Labor Day weekend.  Yes, completely closing five Red Line stations for the entire Labor Day weekend.  The closing begins at 10:00pm on this Friday night (Sept 3) and will continue until the stations reopen on Tuesday morning (Sept 7) at 5:00am. The stations closed are Glenmont, Wheaton, Forrest Glen. Silver Spring and Takoma; all on the eastern branch of the U-shaped line. 

Metro is replacing literally thousands of track components and laying fiber optic wire for enhanced mobile phone service in underground stations.  There's a fairly complicated bus bridging system, so check the WMATA website for that.  And good luck to those trying to get to and from MD and DC this weekend!  Add a bunch of time to your travel plans.  Heaps.


***Lastly, turns out the large rally/gathering on the Mall wasn't really that exciting.  No one's head exploded at the main event and the counter rallies happened simultaneously resulting in little confrontation or other fireworks.  I did see a few "Culture Warrior," "No spin," and tea party affiliated t-shirts.  But besides observing slightly heavier than average Metro ridership, I personally was not affected by the rally.  

However, as former civics and American history educator, it pains me to see so much misinformation insinuated or just stated as fact and then passed along by a charismatic, but misguided and often factually wrong man.  And bringing that to DC under some guise of reformation was just sad.  Sad for the organizers and sad for the country.  This event won't bring us closer together.

I have to say that in my view, the rally had nothing to do with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The ersatz leader of this weekend's rally couldn't hold a candle to King's brilliance.  He does a great job of entertaining people, and selling books and ad space for his TV-radio shows.  But making his constant target --our town, DC-- or any of the other parts of America better; no, that's not the way.  So, I say yes to free speech and yes to free assembly.  But no to negativity and misinformation in the name of "taking back" America.  It's reprehensible and in the end, won't win over the hearts of the majority.  If we have to restore anything, it should be sanity.