Thursday, September 30, 2010

Deadly Fire Only Feet Away Deauville

The fire at 3132 16th Street NW yesterday morning happened only feet away from the 2008 apartment building fire at the Deauville, 3145 Mount Pleasant St.  The buildings are nearly back-to-back. The stories related to yesterday's fire will come out over the next few weeks. However, here are some collected by the Red Cross from residents of the Deauville. I hadn't seen these accounts before last night.

Yesterday morning's fire was, unfortunately, deadly. One man, identified as Patrocinio Perez, died attempting to escape the building. Just a very sad turn of events during a week of other heartbreaking news of personal tragedies in the DC area. 

The investigation is ongoing regarding the cause, but the impact is obviously immediate for those involved. There are over 100 people temporarily or permanently displaced. Clean up crews, DC Fire and MPD were on the scene late into last night and this morning and will be for the near future. Several residents are still hospitalized, some seriously. 

Yesterday, Old School Hardware (3219 Mt P St, formerly Pfieffer's) was collecting donations to be delivered at the appropriate time. I assume that is still the case for today, but have not verified that. MyFoxDC is also reporting that Martha's Table is collecting donations on site at 2114 14th St NW and that Neighbors Consejo is collecting donations to help transport Mr. Perez' body back to his home for burial. More information at the bottom of this page.