Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiesta DC Visits Mount Pleasant on Sunday

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Fiesta DC is this Sunday! And it's now the de facto Mount Pleasant Day. After the neighborhood's namesake fest died years ago --2005 saw the last large scale Mt P Fest-- Fiesta DC became our only major yearly street festival. Even after it was thiiiiiiiis close to relocating to Columbia Heights, Fiesta DC is still strongly associated with Mount Pleasant and I think we're the rightful home at this point.

Because it's held up and down Mount Pleasant Street NW, Fiesta DC might be considered a quint, small time party with booths to stroll by and enjoy casually without being at all crowded. It's not. This Fiesta attracts tens of thousands of visitors. The street is packed and I often wonder how the Parade of Nations even happens or is seen. But it happens. And I always go because it's fun, the parade rules and the music rules (5 stages!). And it's ours! I hope it never moves to 14th Street, which I guess is still entirely possible.  

Fiesta DC was first held in 1971 and honors Hispanic History Month. It will take place this Sunday, September 26 from 11:00am until 7:00pm. Generally, all events are held on Mount Pleasant street NW between Park Rd and Argonne Pl.  Recently, the some of the music stages have spilled over onto Argonne Pl, Kilbourne or Kenyon.  The highlight is always the Parade of Nations, which features dancers, musicians and performers from over 30 groups representing various nations.  The Parade is scheduled from 1-3pm and begins at the top of Mount Pleasant and heads south the length of the festival route.

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