Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gimmie 5: The 42 Now on Twitter

I owe myself 5 bucks.  I bet myself that I would never join Twitter, but I lost.  I guess technically the blog joined, but I'm be the author, so yeah, I lost.

I will try to make it about news, but also some funny stuff I think of riding the bus, walking the streets, people watching and taking part in the 24 hour media cycle that DC is blessed/cursed with.  Probably will be more opinionated than the blog; as much as one can opine in a single sentence.  And I'll link to cool articles or news items.  I'll take some photos as well.

If you ended up losing a bet and joining Twitter as well, you can add The 42 Bus here.  Or just look at the sidebar at the top of the screen and new messages will show up on a regular basis.