Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vote Today for DC's Mayor, Council

With all due respect to the Republicans and Statehood Greens, the election for Mayor of Washington DC happens today and will be determined by Democrats. Although today's vote is technically a party primary, DC's overwhelming registered Democratic majority virtually ensures that that party's primary winner will prevail in the general election.

If you live in Mount Pleasant, you are likely voting in one of two schools:  Bancroft Elementary at 1755 Newton Street NW or Bell Multicultural High at 3101 16th Street NW.  Some of you way down on Harvard St NW closer to Adams Morgan will vote at H.D. Cooke School.  Check your registration card or DC Board of Elections and Ethics website. Where ever you vote, the polls are open from 7:00AM until 8:00PM.

You have to be registered as a member of one of the three major political parties to vote today (that's Dem, Rep or Green).  Those registered as Independent will vote during the general election on November 2, 2010.

Ward One residents who are registered to one of the three major parties will cast votes for:

*Council Chair
*At-large Council Member
*Ward One Council Member
*Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives
*United States Representative

Here's a PDF from DCBOEE with all candidates for all three parties across all DC Wards.

Only the Democrats are fielding candidates in each office for Ward One.  Republican and Statehood Green Parties are fielding partial slates, although all voters are entitled to write in a candidate for any office or not vote at all.  Good luck and see you at the polls.