Friday, October 22, 2010

AT&T in Space Once Slated for American Apparel

Sweet Green and The Burger Joint are now established there. But, two years ago we thought American Apparel was going to be the first retail (in a while) to occupy the west side of Connecticut Ave north of Dupont Circle. Looks like they never made it. AT&T is now setting up shop in two bays on the first floor of the PNC Bank building in Dupont. The approximate address is 1518 Connecticut Ave NW.  AT&T already has a smaller store just a block away at 1630 Connecticut. Not sure if it will close shop. Probably? 

At the time American Apparel only had one store in the District at 10th and F NW. They've since opened a store in Georgetown, but can probably be forgiven for giving up on the Dupont store. Seems like they would thrive on the exclusive/hard to get to nature of having only a few stores. A sort of anti-saturation plan. But, I guess this is why I don't own a business.